Humbly Serving Others

When E3 Ranch became our home, we never imagined how God would turn feeding healthy beef to our family into a vision for an E3 Ranch Foundation; serving veterans and human-trafficking victims.  God indeed works in mysterious ways, and to Him we give credit.

Although not always called E3, the ranch has been in our family for six generations.  Here, we are proud to raise the healthiest NAE (no antibiotics ever) beef where every part of the steer is utilized.  From the savory steaks for us humans, to the tasty bones for our pets, to the hides that we tan – nothing goes to waste.

My wife, Jenn, and I are proof that God never stops pursuing His children. We have both made plenty of mistakes. We’re Imperfect. Yet, incredibly blessed. It just took us a few years to figure out that our plans aren’t always Gods. Because of that, Jenn and I are determined to do two things: love God; and love others…which is why we established the E3 Foundation in 2017.

Whether it be in the fight against sex-trafficking or serving those who have served us–our Combat Veterans, our mission is to serve others and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. In the four years since we began working towards that goal, we have seen lives changed and God honored.

Our mission is to continue His work and, like Him, never stop pursuing those in need. When our days of serving are over, we hope to hear God say: “Well done, you’ve finished the race. Welcome home.”

– Adam LaRoche


Founded by retired MLB ballplayer Adam LaRoche and his family, the E3 Ranch is located in Fort Scott, Kansas. Our devotion to sustainable and humane practices leads to the highest quality beef in America. E3 Certified black and red angus cattle are grass fed, grain finished, given ample room to roam and never subjected to antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones. This responsible, holistic approach is rooted in our pledge to be good stewards of the land and animals under our care.

Hand cut by our Master Butcher, each steak is Wet-Aged for 28 days and individually wrapped before being flash-frozen and shipped directly to you to maximize flavor. Flash-freezing is 100% safe and is proven to preserve the unique flavor and texture of your steak until the moment you’re ready to cook!


At the E3 Ranch in America’s heartland, our respect for God’s creation drives us to fully utilize the cattle we raise, leaving nothing to waste. We designate every element – meat, bone, and hide – for re-purpose. By doing so, we’re able to offer your canine companion healthy, 100% natural treats. Born, raised and harvested in the U.S.A., our protein products are ideal for training or rewarding in the field.

Like our Responsibly Raised E3 Steaks for you, we are proud to offer your canine our premium bones and treats. Your best friends will love the taste and perform at their best with the high protein, low fat, nutrient rich, grain free, and gluten free treats. E3 certified black and red angus cattle are raised without artificial hormones. Our butchers hand trim each bone and dog treat prior to placement on the oven rack where they are slow roasted and hickory-smoked to bake in flavor. Our treats promote dental health helping to remove tartar build up with ridges to help scrape teeth.